image 3/26/2015

Need SBW clothing? SBW store at Stage One website is open until 3/29. Mens arm warmers, pro-aero jerseys, bibs and skin suits will be available. Delivery 4 to 5 weeks. See Tom's email for code.

Baxter TT Sunday 3/29 8 & 9 am: Telo - 10 fast laps!
- Baxter 2015 TT results as of 2/22

CalBikeLaw (Gerry Agnew) sponsored SBW ride/lunch 4 April from CCC 8:30am. RSVP to Tom

SBW TT Cup 3/29 - Tara needs some volunteers
Flyer HERE; Reg. (online USAC) HERE

- Other News -

USAC Regional Talent ID Camps for Juniors

Ted's nostalgia photos - text to come
- do you know anyone in 1962 club meeting pic?

SBW Picnic photos
- all awardees: see "Prez News" for list
- Click on thumbnail to see blowup

Picnic "Walkabout" videos
- Ted and south side of SBW audience
- North side of SBW audience

SBW 1st Place SOCAL Elite Team 2014
- Cat 1-4 M&W: congratulations!
- Thank you Race Director Andrew King

SBW 2015 membership application is HERE

USAC 2015 license app process starts HERE
- Register as SBW (ClubID 280),
- NOT SBW Foundation (ClubID 15477)
- VP Monika King is "Welcome" page avatar!

New Board of Directors members (BoD menu):
- William Aligue, Activities
- Matt Gorski, Membership and Sponsorship

Dave Richardson Series Final Results posted
- Thanks, Andrew et al for another great year

Masters Nats RR 2016+17 at Winston-Salem NC

SBW Pizza Party 2014 Walkabout video

Jim Kloss phenomenal Worlds Track totals:
- 4 Golds, 1 Silver indiv events; bronze - team sprint; 2 world records, 1 national record.
Kurt Sato's first World Championship

Great suggestion from Agnew/Brusavich
- Check your uninsured motorist coverage
- Here's why it's important for cyclists

2014 Pizza Party Racer Award winners
Mens Racer of the Year - Robert MacPherson
Mens Most Improved Racer - Felipe Castillo
Womens Racer of the Year - Charity Chia
Womens Most Improved Racer - Amy Firth
Masters Racer of the Year - Rick Lilleberg
Juniors Racer of the Year - Makayla MacPherson
- Kay: our 1st 2014 Nats Champ - Scratch Race

Final 2014 Baxter Results

MBGP Race Director Greg Aden interview

Masters Track Worlds - Manchester UK
Overall USA performance summarized by USAC
- 10/11 Jim Kloss Silver in Pursuit by 0.14 sec
- 10/10 Jim Kloss Gold in Sprint AND Pts Race
- Points Race was soon after Sprints!
- 10/9 Kurt Sato Gold in Team Sprint; his first WC
- Mates Rich Voss and Jay Wolkoff awesome
- 10/8 Kurt Sato Silver in Sprint
- Deo 9/22 in tough Points Race
- Robert Pelegrin crashed out of sprints: sore/splinters
- 10/7 Kloss 500m Gold - world best by 2 sec 39.284
- 10/6: Kloss 75+ Scratch Gold
- 10/5: Agnew +3 Silver in TTT
- 10/4: Kloss/Agnew team sprint Bronze
- Deo 12/24 in scratch race
- UCI masters "WR's" prior to this event: men women

Easy Reader article re Richardson Series

Matt Gorski and Ted Ernst at Pro Crit finish, N Carolina
- Matt judged at Bicycle Art Meets Form
- Ted presented seminar on inner workings of a pro race

3ft law car/bicycle law: Agnew/Brusavich perspective
- CHP message 9/15
- MBPD message 9/8
More school kids on bikes + sad CHP stats

John McNulty & TT bike fast at Baxter's —>

SBW wins track nats Best All-around Team - BAT
- official results here

Sponsor Gerry Agnew sets US 1hr record
- 163 laps: 25+ miles
- more US records incl Mark Neumann

RB City approves Bike Path to Harbor Dr
- Removes wall end of HB; details
- Dual lanes south; Bch Reporter article
- City staff/council: great plan; Ted's kudos

Makayla Macpherson!
- 2 Bronze in Jr Nats RR & Crit
- first SBW Nats Champ: VIDEO
- Jr Track 11-12 W Scratch Race

Rick Lilleberg wins state crit
- 60+ Ontario, age 67!

BVI stoker Kate Woodford & Neva Day
- Silver, Para-Nats Tandem RR
- photo by Sheila Cannon

Tony Wang's great video - DR PV TT
From 10/18/12 seminar: Kurt Sato links
- Early season strength training: here
- Fundamental exercises here
- Watch Kurt put it together: video here
Masters Track World Best times here
Easy Reader article - Richardson series;
- Nice article about Ted's history

Baxter TT Series 2015
2014 results

Dave Richardson Series 2014
Final Results

2015 SBW membership app

2015 USAC Event Release
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(click to enlarge)
Baxter TT 2015
(Cyclista FilAm)

Kloss +2 Golds & 75+ group
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

Sato-Wolkoff-Voss Gold

Kurt Sato Silver in Sprint

Robert & friends incl Rebecca

Jim Kloss Gold 500m + WR

Jim Kloss Gold - Scratch
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

Carol & Doc - track legends
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

Agnew, Kelso, Kloss bronze
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

Ernst & Gorski at Pro Crit

McNulty @Baxter's (Gorski)

Kloss & King - BAT award

Rick, Kurt, Doc plus ...

Sarah silver in Pursuit (Palchikoff)

Doc 2k record (Lefleur)

Monika King - Scratch

Hour of Agnew - by "Moon"

Kay 2 Bronze Nats RR & Crit

Kay: first SBW Nats Champ

Lilleberg wins State Crit

image Neva & Kate 2nd Nats

Kay Macpherson 2nd CBR

JJ Hendershot honored
by Bruce and Gerry

Leo and Rick get the gold
Phil Beckman photo

W TTT 140+ Champs
Phil Beckman photo

Rick & Leo - State Champs

image"Quad Squad" delivers gold

image image