Richardson surprise: 65+ Lilleberg spanks A's
Next Richardson race 9/21 (Crenshaw crit)
- After that, combo Baxter/Richardson TT (9/28)
- see calendar for maps

SBW wins Nats Best All-around Team title!

Baxter results as of 8/31

SBW Pizza Party: Pitfire Pizza MB Oct 5 2pm

MBGP nominated for "Affair to Remember"
- "Best of Manhattan" Community category
- Vote for MBGP HERE

SBW wins Track Nats Team Title
Jim Kloss and Monika King accept

Other News

Webmaster out of town 9/17-9/28
Easy Reader article re Richardson Series

Matt Gorski and Ted Ernst at Pro Crit finish, N Carolina
- Matt judged at Bicycle Art Meets Form
- Ted presented seminar on inner workings of a pro race

3ft law car/bicycle law: CHP message 9/15
- MBPD message 9/8
More school kids on bikes + sad CHP stats

John McNulty & TT bike fast at Baxter's —>

Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/24
- TTT gold: Lilleberg, Wignall, Agnew, Pettus
- Sarah Munoz et al silver in TTT
- Lilleberg, Wignall, Pettus silver Team Sprint
- Sato et al & Agnew et al bronze Team Sprint
- more results here
Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/23
- Jim Kloss WR in 200m TT, sprint gold
- Jim BAR with gold sweep - all indiv. events
- Sponsor Gerry Agnew gold: Pursuit (Ironfly)
Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/22
- Kurt Sato gold 500mTT
- Jim Kloss gold Scratch Race
Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/21
- Jim Kloss gold Points Race
- Rick Lilleberg silver Scratch<br>
Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/20
- Jim Kloss 500 record, Sato sprint gold
- Silver: Lilleberg Pts, Sarah Munoz Pursuit
Masters Track Nats Podiums 8/19
- "Doc" Kloss 2K record
- Neva silver Pursuit, Monika Scratch

Kevin and Kealoha are moving to Boise Idaho
- Xtreme Fitness continues here and in Boise!

UCI has redesigned their web site
- lots of things aren't there yet
- appears to be pics & video oriented

Sponsor Gerry Agnew sets US 1hr record
- 163 laps: 25+ miles
- more US records incl Mark Neumann

Baxter TT results as of 7/27

Ronnie Toth status + palmares
- Wife Layli's update
- Recovery fund HERE
- or go to bottom of text in this column

RB City approves Bike Path to Harbor Dr
- Removes wall end of HB; details
- Dual lanes south; Bch Reporter article
- City staff/council: great plan; Ted's kudos

Tara again! List of 2013 US World Champs

South Bay bicycle burgler caught
- see police press release

Thanks: MBGP volunteers & sponsors
- Jim Heise letter

Makayla Macpherson!
- 2 Bronze in Jr Nats RR & Crit
- first SBW Nats Champ: VIDEO
- Jr Track 11-12 W Scratch Race

Rick Lilleberg wins state crit
- 60+ Ontario, age 67!

BVI stoker Kate Woodford & Neva Day
- Silver, Para-Nats Tandem RR
- photo by Sheila Cannon

Robert Macpherson daughter Kay rocks
- 2nd in 9-14 women's CBR race

Agnew/Brusavich honor JJ Hendershot
- Great event: see more HERE
- join her at next Cycle for Heroes event

State TTT champs in the house!
More photo's Phil Beckman site
- official photographer MBGP 2014

Leo Longo + Rick Lilleberg gold in 120+
Lisa, Charity, Tara, w/ EP Bettge gold 140+
See SBW Women FB page for pics/winners

Received email from Britt? "Feed The Machine"
- Sports Nutrion/energy products: big catalog
- use code for nice club discount

Picnic walkabout videos: Indoors   Outdoors
Click photos at the bottom to see stills

More SBW Cat 2 upgrades!
- Amy Firth and Charity Chia
John McNulty powers LA Circuit peleton —>

Rudy Project discounts are back
- Check out Tom's email
Manhattan Beach - bike paths!
- Rosecrans: Highland to PCH
- Manhattan Ave: 1st to 15th
Tara in SouthBay Health mag —>
SRAM recalls all hydraulic discs
Bike Palace hosted election mtg
- Tony & crew: awesome shop —>
LA Velo fee structure modified
- see Tom's email
Chris Reed motors LAGP keirin —>
Bicycle Hall of Famer Ted Ernst
- Spoke at Induction Ceremony`
- Guess which one is Beth Heiden!
2014 USAC licensing HERE
- South Bay Wheelmen
- NOT SBW Foundation

SBW Pizza Party a hit! Pics below
- Walkabout video of club: Pitfire Grill
- $pecial Award: new WC Tara
Race VP Andrew King presented awards
- Vikki Appel: Women Racer of the Year
- Charity Chia: Newcomer of the Year
- Robert MacPherson: Racer of the Year
- Jon McKenzie: Newcomer of the Year
Tara takes Manchester Worlds!
- 4 Gold (half US W total)+ 1 Silver
- 500TT Result; Podium (UCI)
- Scratch Result; Podium (UCI)
- Pursuit Result; Podium (UCI)
- Points race Result; Podium (UCI)
Sprint Silver Result; Podium (UCI)
- Sprint Qual 200M Result
Diary: First 2 days of world's
Masters Track Worlds links
- web site; results

Monika King is our new Admin VP
SBW 8th in SoCal Cup team results!
- click SBW & see amazing individuals
Masters Track Nats highlights
- Tara Gold in Pursuit and 500M TT
- Tara BAR (also won it in '08 & '12)
- Robert Annis photo - Tara "mugging"
- Renee Gold w/ Tara in Team Pursuit
- Sato Gold in T Sprint, 10 yrs down
Tara wins 3 golds at ELITE State track
Hmmm - think there is a pattern here?!
Share the Road bike safety published
- supported by SBBC, BCC, SBWF

MBGP 2013 was great
- Jim Heise Thank You letter
- Vicki Appel 2nd in W Cat 3 >
- see Beckman photos
USAC: Ogden Masters Nats RR 2014/15
SBW women rock at States track —>
- more Sarmiento photos on FB
Vikki Appel silver state RR W 35+ —>
State TTT podium sees lots of SBW
- see Jennie, Kealoha, Randy, Terasa

Tony Wang's great video - DR PV TT
Kurt Sato destroys 500M World Record
- 34.525 wins 2012 Nats
From 10/18/12 seminar: Kurt Sato links-
- Early season strength training: here
- Fundamental exercises here
- Watch Kurt put it together: video here
Masters Track World Best times here
Easy Reader article - Richardson series;
- Nice article about Ted's history

Baxter TT Series 2014
2014 results

Dave Richardson Series 2014
Final results 2013

2014 SBW membership app

2014 USAC Rider Release

Robert Macpherson, Racer of the Year
Jon McKenzie, Newcomer of the Year

Woman Racer of the Year Vikki Appel
flanked by Joe Yule and Renee

Pizza party pan left

Pizza party pan right

John-Lane-Monika like pizza

Wow, maybe I will turn pro

Greg approves beverages

Julie & Teresa beam!

W 220+ team - gold at state TTT

Vikki Appel 2nd Cat 3 MBGP

Vikki Appel Silver States RR

Ernst & Gorski at Pro Crit

McNulty @Baxter's (Gorski)

Nats track stars: BAT totals

Points/finish= always finish!

Rick, Kurt, Doc plus ...

Sarah silver in Pursuit (Palchikoff)

Doc 2k record (Lefleur)

Monika King - Scratch

Hour of Agnew - by "Moon"

Kay 2 Bronze Nats RR & Crit

Kay: first SBW Nats Champ

Lilleberg wins State Crit

image Neva & Kate 2nd Nats

Kay Macpherson 2nd CBR

JJ Hendershot honored
by Bruce and Gerry

Leo and Rick get the gold
Phil Beckman photo

W TTT 140+ Champs
Phil Beckman photo

Rick & Leo - State Champs

image"Quad Squad" delivers gold

Big John leads at LA Circuit
(Paul Anderson photo)

Amy + Charity latest Cat2's!

Simone+Monika at picnic

Monika gives Andrew splits

Jim "Doc" Kloss (2010 Nats)

Tara in SB Health mag p.28

Tony & crew at BP

Chris Reed - LAGP (USAC)

Tara Unverzagt: 4 golds (UCI)

Tara: Pursuit for USA (UCI)

Tara's SBW decals: click to order

Richardson 9/15 A sprint

Tara "mugs": BAR + 3 Gold
Masters Track Nats

Renee Fenstermacher - Gold
Nats Photo by Chris Jones

Tara: Points Race (UCI)

Tara: Scratch Race (UCI)

image image