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Volunteer Assignment Matrix 8/5 8pm
Contact stevewhitsitt at gmail.com ASAP for changes. a = assigned (starting point), x = committed. We are short handed this year as of now, so do as much as you can, and ask around if trustworthy friends would like to score a shirt and some lunch.

Course Marshal Matrix 8/6 8:45pm

Race Protocols/Instructions 2016 RevD
Chuck Watson's updated manual of operations and protocols for course marshals - important for safety - READ!
Marshal assigned to 18th, 17th, and 15th Streets in particular must understand the procedure for getting cars out and in to 17th Street. The addendum below is a handy one-page excerpt for those assignments. Also, 15th /Highland and Turn 4/Staging marshals have specific responsibilities.

Protocol excerpt for 15-17-18th Street Course Marshals
Excerpt from above for Marshals assigned to 18th, 17th, and 15th Streets

Course Marshal Tips
Summary of what to bring and do

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