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Two SBW TTs this Sunday 9/19:
Ernst road TT #14 at Telo (more below)
SBW/LAVRA track TTs at the Velo Sports Center: Register Here. Bring mask. 8am warmup - 9am race. We can use some help with gates, etc.

SBW Ted Ernst Time Trial Series - Round 14 - this Sunday Sep 19, 2021 - At Telo. Same location (see map) as last Telo TT. S/F is 3178 Kashiwa, Torrance. Take Early or Telo north from Lomita Blvd to the course. It is fast six-corner course that measures approximately 1.02 miles per lap and we'll be doing 10 laps. It doesn't matter if you are on a road bike, a full-on TT rig, or even a fixie or track bike. First Group will be off at 8:00 AM and second group at 9:00 AM. Next Ernst TT is TBD, so come out for this one!

SBW Ted Ernst Time Trial 13 (9/5) results are at right. McNulty added "Thanks for all of our crew Matt Gorski, Ted Ernst, and John (a very nice gentleman who is getting back on his bike and will hopefully join us shortly)"

Ernst TT 2021 Schedule update as of 8-31-21.

Masters Track National Championships: Event Sched | Daily Results Write-up

UCI has CANCELLED Masters Track World Championships scheduled for the Velosports Center in October due to Covid resurgence. Details Here

Our "itinerant" road/track dynamo William Aligue made a huge golden haul at the AZ States Track at Encino. Hope his travels get him even closer to home!

From club President, Matt Gorski
Dear SBW Family, It is with a heavy heart that we report that Ralph Therrio has passed on. Old timers in the club will remember Ralph as a courageous competitor and a great SouthBay Wheelmen. Ralph was a many times National Record holder, National Champion as well as a 2 time Olympian. Known to his friends and clubmates as Crazy Horse, Ralph was fierce in all races. He was a rare talent that doesn't come along often. We have no information about the specifics of his passing other than that he was in hospice. We send our prayers and best wishes to his wife and family. Rest in Peace Ralph.

Click on each jersey above to get a view of the 2021 SBW 60th anniversary kit with Ralph's racing pic on the back of the jersey.

Here is the GoFundMe site for Bill Ron, with a FB Page for comments and status reports. Please Like the Page and share with your Friends. Another great donation is the wheelchair ramp from Jim Hannon and Beach Cities Cycling Club. Thekla, Bill, and the girls thank every generous soul for the continued support. One positive effect of the pandemic is that Bill receives personal speech therapy online! He still has a ways to go, so steer folks to his GoFundMe page to keep the therapy going.

We are very pleased to announce that Kurt Sato is our new Treasurer. Cary Alpert has stepped down after years of great service to the club. Thank you, Cary.

USAC now offers bike injury insurance for $40 (2021 USAC races). Check it out HERE.

SBW Ted Ernst TT 2020 results: #1 7-26-20 | #2 8-9-20 | #3 8-23-20 | #4 9-6-20 | #5 9-27-20 |#6 10-18-20 |#7 11-1-20 tbd

Long-time member Neva Day had a couple of nice bikes stolen. See description/contact HERE.

Here's the current list of National Records in road and track cycling

Read important advice from Gerry Agnew - make sure you have adequate Uninsured Motorist coverage.

1 Here is the latest link for a "fillable" 2021 SBW Club Membership PDF. Use your browser to save/export it as a PDF. You may type in all but the signature line. If your PDF reader doesn't allow manual signing and you'd rather not mail, leave it blank and we will catch up later.
2 Then click this link for a pre-addressed (sbwfmembers at gmail dot com) email form, attach, and send. You can also use this link to send questions/get help.
3 Pay the $55 (individual) or $75 (family) dues you selected on the application. If you prefer to send a check, the address is on the application. Or use the Paypal payment portal below. "Donate" includes dues per above. Select the amount on the site and submit.

Paypal link for club dues/donations

Hilario Reyes - sixth at Murrieta Circuit Race in a big, tough 35+ 3/4 field. Lasted an hour and a half.
Vikki Appel, Leo Pettus, Sarah Mattes, and Elise Traylor did great at the Phoenix AZ stage race, with Vikki second in GC overall (congrats on your citizenship).

Masters Track Worlds 2019
Podium Summary
  - Individual -
Jim "Doc" Kloss Gold + breaks own UCI 80+ 500M record in 38.859
Jim Kloss Silver in Sprint, a close race in a younger combined category
Jim also broke his own UCI record for the 200m TT sprint qual in 12.881
  - Team events -
Elise Traylor Bronze in Team Sprint, with Charlene Yarnell
Leo Longo Bronze in Team Pursuit
Honorable mention - Vikki Appel had a strong showing in 3 events.

Masters Track Nats 2019: SBW team was amazing. So many breakthrough performances (e.g. Seidel, Traylor, Mattes, Appel), Jim Kloss' WRs, and sponsor Gerry Agnew's championship form.
Official Results Click Here. Until they take it down, includes start lists, results, and splits ("Audit") as well as the daily Communiques. Many member photos on Facebook. Large set of professional photos organized by day for sale HERE.

Nats 2019 Podium Summary
  - Individual -
Jim "Doc" Kloss Gold + breaks UCI 500M record by over 2 sec in 39.545
Kurt Sato Silver in Sprints
Leo Pettus Bronze in 500M TT
Gerry Agnew Gold in Pursuit
Sarah Munoz Bronze in 500M TT
Sarah Mattes Bronze in Pursuit
Jim Kloss breaks World Best record by over 1.5 sec in the 200M TT - 13.111
Kurt Sato Silver in 500M TT
Sarah Munoz Gold in Pursuit
Sarah Munoz Silver in Scratch Race
Jim Kloss Gold in Sprints
Leo Pettus Silver in Scratch Race
Michelle Seidel Gold in the Points Race
Sarah Mattes Silver in the Points Race
  - Team Pursuit -
Leo Pettus Bronze
Leo Longo Gold
Sarah Munoz Gold
Elise Traylor Gold
Vikki Appel Gold
Michelle Seidel Silver
Sarah Mattes Silver
  - Team Sprint -
Elise Traylor Bronze
Sarah Munoz Bronze
  - Madison -
Sarah Mattes/Vickie Appel Gold
Sarah Munoz Silver
Michelle Seidel Bronze

UCI Masters Best Performances (aka world records) -  Men   Women    Hour rules

Great 2019 SBW Awards Pizza Party. Check out the walkabout video HERE.

SBW rocks both coasts! William Aligue and mates get both Siver in Team Sprint, and Gold in Team Pursuit at the Northeast USAC Regionals (as in "State champs").

Official MBGP results | Easy Reader | Daily Breeze | Beach Reporter

Latest WADA Prohibited List - goes into effect 1 January 2020.
Monty Pettus and John McKee got top tens at the USAC Masters Road Nats, at altitude (Co Springs)! Sarah Mattes won the 45+ Women's State Road Race Championship. John Mckee won the 70+ Men's State Road Race championship. Monty Pettus won the 70+ State Crit championship, with McKee 2nd, and Mike Fleming 3rd - an SBW sweep!

Founder Ted Ernst and Race Director John McNulty join the competitors at the "Domes" summit after the Ernst TT PV Hill Climb last August (Matt Gorski photo).

On March 31st, LAVRA volunteers were recognised by Velo Sports Center staff and Coordinator Elise Traylor for their service in 2018 helping to make the track successful. Then Cedric Washington was given the prestigious CalBikeLaw Community Service Award by sponsor Gerry Agnew for his outstanding support to education and training of new riders and young kids learning track cycling.

SBW AWARDS Picnic LUAU Sunday, March 24, was great. Here is a walkabout video taken as we started eating. And here is Tony Wang winning one of the many doorprizes, always a crowd-pleaser. Later at the Velo Sports Center vel, we presented the club's World Championship trophy to Gerry Agnew, and the National Championship trophy to daughter Sarah Munoz. The trophies are made by Matt Gorski and Ted Ernst.

SBW 2018 Pizza Party was great. See private FaceBook Club Page for more photos. A few at right (missing Sarah Munoz - Best Woman). Walkabout video here

Masters Track 2018 UCI World Championships have completed, with SBW riders once again bringing home gold/silver/bronze medals, a world record, and great experiences with new friends from around the world. Thanks to all the volunteers, from all clubs, for the great help. Here's a summary in roughly reverse order of occurence over 8 days.

Gerry Agnew successfully defended his world title in the 2k pursuit. Jim Kloss won Sprint Gold in an overpowering performance. Daughter Sarah Munoz earned bronze in both the ITT pursuit and the 500m. She topped off her great performances with the most exciting finish I saw in the evening sessions. She came from 4th in intermediate points total late in the race, took over with two to go, held everybody off and won the final sprint, climbing to Silver! The crowd loved it. Elise Traylor, Char/Kar twins, and former SBW Vikki Appel got silver in the 4000m W TTT, just missing out Gold after a premature finishing gun threw the outcome to the officials. Pictured here with Coach Roach. Leo Longo and team got Silver in the 4k Pursuit. Kurt Sato repeats as World Champion in the 500m TT, just a fraction over his WR last year! Check out his world-famous start from about the 20m point. Kurt set a new WR ("Best Time" in UCI masters jargon) of 11.356 in the 200m TT for Sprint qualification. Kurt later got silver in the Sprint. Jim "Doc" Kloss earned Gold in the 500m, in just a shade over his World Best from last year.

Sarah Hammer visits the club in 2006 (Sparks) to thank us for our sponsorship in winning her first of many UCI World Championships. Here she is in a great short for USA Cycling, training at Colorado Springs with her Australian Kelpie "Sedona" tagging along!

Curious about USAC anti-doping program? RaceClean

Ted's nostalgia photos - do you know anyone in the 1962 club meeting (3rd pic) besides Ted (desk at right)?

Tony Wang's great video - DR PV TT
From 10/18/12 seminar: Kurt Sato links
- Early season strength training: here
- Fundamental exercises here
- Watch Kurt put it together: video here
Easy Reader article - Richardson series;
- Nice article about Ted's history

Gallery tests

image image image

image Ernst TT 13 results from Sep 5

image Telo Course for Ernst TT

image Ernst TT 12 results from Aug 22

image "Cyclista" Aligue bags most gold at Arizona States Track at Encino

image SBW Champ Ralph Therrio passed

image Greg Aden visits Bill Ron

image SBW Ernst TT#1 lines up

image Bill Aligue (Cyclista) on fixed gear

image USAC Race Insurance $40/yr

image Join/renew SBW Application

image Gerry Agnew: Uninsured Motorist Coverage critical for cyclists

image Ted with Madison mate

image Hilario sixth - Murrieta Circuit Race

image SBW does Valley of the Sun!

image SBW Track refresher crew

image James Kloss adds another one to his international palmares

image SBW proud to have one of the best ever in Masters Track

image Bill and Thekla Ron
GoFundMe fundraiser

image M Racer of the Year: Hilario Reyes
with Matt Gorski & Tom Traylor

image W Racer of the Year: Elise Traylor
PLUS National Champion

image Sarah Mattes: National Champion

image Bill and Thekla Ron
GoFundMe fundraiser
Home visit schedule

image Jim Kloss gets Worlds 500m Gold

image Jim Kloss 500m Gold + 38.859 WR

image Elise Traylor Bronze - Team Sprint

image Leo Longo (center) - Pursuit TTT

image Leo Longo Bronze - Pursuit TTT

image Bill works on his wheelchair!

image Mattes/Appel Nats Madison Gold

image Elise Gold + Nats record T Pursuit

image Seidel-Gold Mattes-Silver Points
Photo: Josh Burton Films

image Kloss WR 500M 39.545 Track Nats

image Jim + Carol Kloss and family

image Will Aligue Gold & Silver in T-Town

image MBGP Pro Men Callout

image Hilario Reyes MBGP Silver image MBGP Winners Jersey

image Sarah Mattes State RR Champ

image Pettus/Mckee/Fleming Crit sweep

image John Mckee State Road Champ

image Founder Ted Ernst is 87

image Chuck, Ted, Thomas are ready

image Elise & Gerry thank volunteers

image Cedric: Community Service Award

image Gerry Worlds & Sarah Nats Champs

image Greg Aden - Service Award

image Awards - Luau - Drink - Prizes!
image Jon/Sarah/Leo at CBR #1

image SBW Team ride 12/22/18

image SBW Pizza Party 2018

image Best Road - Daniel Beltran

image Best Masters Men - Jim Kloss

image Prez Award - Marco Rodriguez

Ernst TT Finale Sign-in

Ernst TT Winners - Bryan, Daniel, Lynette w John and Ted

Ted Ernst TT Finale Crew

Gerry Agnew Gold 2018 Pursuit
(Josh Burton Films)

Sarah Super Silver in 2018 Points

Jim Kloss Gold in 2018 Sprints

Elise, mates 2018 W4KTTT silver

Sarah bronze 2018 WITT Pursuit

Leo and team Silver - 2018 4kTTT

Jim Kloss 2018 Gold 500m TT

Kurt starts 2018 500m TT gold

Kurt Sato WC 2018 500m TT

Jon Gorski CBL Scholar

Robert and Jill

2018 MBGP Winners Jersey

3 of 4 SBW UCI 2017 World Masters Track Champs honored at MBGP (Ingram)

"Doc" Golds in Sprint, 500m

Kurt Golds in Sprint, 500m

Sarah Golds in Points, Scratch

Leo Gold in Team Pursuit

Sarah & Elise Gold in T Pursuit

Manhattan Mile Race Flyer

Newlyweds Robert and Jill

2018 SBW Picnic - 3/18/18

Former President Tom Buescher presents Tom Herman with the Harris-Robinson service award

Ted Ernst presents UCI World Champion trophies to Kurt Sato, Leo Longo, & Jim Kloss: all WRs!

Gerry Agnew UCI World Champ trophy from Ted Ernst

Gerry Agnew 2017 2k ITT WC

Kurt Sato is 2017 Sprint WC
(Big Picture Cycling)

Jim Kloss 2017 500m WC +WR

Kurt Sato 2017 500m WC +WR

Leo Longo crew World Champs 2017 3kTTT +WR (R Longo)

Sarah Munoz silver 2017 2k ITT

Rick Lilleberg Texas RR Champ

Sprint team Addison, Gerry, Sarah

The Winns and Gerry Agnew

Weston + Jon Nats Madison Silver

John McNulty leads out of turn 2

Stenberg on her 2017 prime (Martin)

Libby fires up the Kids

Cary and his hot wheels

MBGP Diego T-shirt Design 2017

Jon Gorski State Sprint Gold

John wins State Crit. Mike 2nd

Gerry & Sarah - 2:38.5 2K record

Sarah Munoz 2 Golds in IP & Team Pursuit + 2 Silvers

"Doc" Kloss Gold in IP - one of 5

Kurt Sato wins Sprint - and 500

Legends O'Rourke & Kloss Gold

Strong 3/4 crew at Ontario

Kloss & Sato at Nats (R. Pelegrin)

Ryan Resella State ITT Champ

Lynette Rock State ITT Champ

Leo & mates State TTT Champs

SBW Race team at CBR Crit

SBW Team Sprint at LAVRA TT

Hilario payday at Redlands

Whitsitt thanks LAFD Lifeguards

Leo Pettus gold at Ontario

Leo Pettus gold at CBR (Aligue)

2017 SBW Picnic (Aligue)

Kloss & Sato Nat Track Champs

Diego, Mike, Julie at Picnic 2017

US Women's TTT WC Gold

Kay and Zoe w/ Sarah Hammer

Some mates -SBW TT (Aligue)

Team Ride 2/4 - new kits!

Chris Reed obituary

Dykzeul Memorial Ride (Aligue)

image Get well Teresa - tough as Steele

Elise, Jan, and Sarah - Gold 2016

SBW Track Training Class

SBW ride - CCC 8am every Sat

Mario Obejas & Jeff 10/18/16

Pizza Party 2016

SBW Saturday riders

Sarah Munoz Silver at States

Kay Silver at States Track

Deo Silver at ARCO Crit

Kay big at Road Nats

Charity Chia wins CBR

John McNulty beats the boys CBR

Kay takes Bakersfield

Kay in the So Bay Magazine p78

Baxter crew makes the Domes

Kay wins Jurupa 3/4

Kay at Tuscon: 1 CR, 1 RR, 2 GC

Kay wins Murrieta Cat 4

Jennifer wins at Desert Tri

Kay wins Val. of the Sun Cat4 crit


Greg Aden retires

Hirsch Bronze at The Greek CX

McNulty edges Winn at DR Dominguez Crit 2015 (Hirsch) image
Jim Kloss sweeps all the Gold!
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

image Kurt Sato - Gold in Team Sprint
(Rebecca Pelegrin)

image TT/DR combo 9/27- Monika-Leo-Ted (Aligue)

image Bouquet Canyon RR - 1963
(Ted's archive)

image Kay Macpherson - Nats Omnium Gold (Robert Macpherson)

"Golden" Jim Kloss wins Nats BAR

image Nats Gold for Kurt Match Sprint
(Lan Tran)

Nats Gold for Mel 500M
(Lan Tran)

image Kay jumps at Nats Crit finish
(Brian Koester)

image Kay! National Jr RR Podium

image Leo gold!- states 2k Podium

States Gold for Grandpa Jim
image Jon Gorski Jr State Omnium
Also gold in TTT (Hernandez)

image Lilleberg State Crit Champ
Mike Fleming 2nd (Cyclovets)

image Hilton Clarke - Pro 1 (Beckman)

Kay State ITT! (Sam right)

Kay wins State Crit!

Steve chaperones - World Cup

 image  image  image  image  image
image image